We are three students currently earning a degree in the University of HTSI (School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi).

Born and raised in the province of Barcelona, the three of us share a passion for all things creative. Here’s a bit more of information about us:

Irene - Stories of Barcelona

Hi! My name is Irene. I take charge of every technical aspect of the blog, from uploading the posts to configuring the appearance of every page in order to make our stories more enjoyable. And because I love art and design, I also edit the pictures that you can see both in the posts and on our social-media pages. I hope you enjoy our blog; we have certainly put a lot of effort into it!

Marta - Stories of Barcelona

Hello! I’m Marta and I run our social-media pages. I post pictures and news items whenever we do something related to the blog, and I keep up with any recent articles, social network posts, people and places that might be of interest to any of you. I also respond to the comments that we get, and I really love hearing your feedback!

Laura - Stories of Barcelona

Hi there! My name is Laura and my main job relies on the content of the blog. I search for unique places to visit; and then, after all three of us decide to go, I design the questions and chitchat topics that we want to use for that specific post. I then curl up on my bed and start doing my next favorite part: the writing! And even though my English is not perfect, I do my best to try and transmit every detail of the stories we share as vividly as we lived them. Enjoy!

For any enquiries or suggestions you can leave a comment below our posts or e-mail us at: storiesofbarcelona@gmail.com

Thank you for your feedback!

The Storytellers